Climbing shoe buying guide


Choosing the best climbing shoes are essential in achieving the goal you need to complete, and this guide on climbing shoes will help you in picking the right type of shoes comfortably.

Why Climbing Shoes?

For a climber, climbing shoes act as the best partner to achieve and face challenging experiences every day. For the beginners, finding a climbing shoe with support, comfort, and longevity is mandatory. An adverse selection of shoe can bring up hard boulder problems.

How to choose a climbing shoe?

It’s essential you narrow down the different options that you require for the type of climbing you are into.  For the overhanging and steep terrain, you can choose the one with downturned shape whereas flatter profiles will be needed for climbing on any vertical ground.

Characteristics to look while choosing a Climbing Shoe

Proceed below to check out some features you need to look for when picking a climbing shoe for your based on the type of climbing and other specifications.

Shape of your Foot

Foot shape is vital to be considered while grabbing a shoe for you, if your shoe is not the right fit for your foot then you will be facing hurdles while climbing. In the case of new climbers or the beginners, this will bring the un comfortability and also lead to frustration, less progression. So be sure to pick the right climbing shoe that fits your feet perfectly for the comfort, support, and secure climbing.


The volume indicates the depth of the foot, the pick of high volume shoe in the case of the low volume feet provides you the baggy fit. The low volume shoe with high volume feet will cause foot cramping and discomfort, try out various volume shows and then choose the best one which fits you perfectly.

Width of the Climbing Shoe

Everyone might be aware of the width as this is the way a climbing shoe need to be chosen. If it’s too narrow, then there are high chances for ineffective and uncomfortable positions. In the case of wide, then the shoe will be not fit and will roll down while edging. Tight shoes also cause discomfort so you will need wider and this case you can go with the narrower climbing shoe.

Depth Of the Heel

One of the trickiest part to note while selecting a new climbing shoe for you is the heel depth, if your heel is baggy, then there are chances for the boots to be inclined and when pressure is applied to your toe, your foot will be slide out. Never forget to keep an eye on the depth of your heel while choosing your climbing shoe.

Variables(styles) of Climbing Shoes

Once you have chosen the climbing shoe with the right fit, you need to decide the styles of climbing shoe required based on your type of climbing.

Lace Vs. Velcro

What do you think of both lace and velcro? Which might be the better style of your climbing type? While considering velcro, they are rapid and easy to whip your shoes instantly. Laces provide a precise fit and would be perfect for the persons who have narrow feet. Based on your type of feet, you need to decide to go with lace or velcro; there are many different styles available so that you can choose your preferred one.


There are different types of climbing shoes which provide various stiffness level with more smearing ability, support, and sensitivity. While considering a soft climbing shoe, they will be allowed to feel minute footholds as they would be more sensitive when placing their foot and this is an excellent option for overhanging problems and routes but not worthy for the slabby or vertical terrain.


Based on the climbing shoe brands and manufacturers, the rubber varies. They provide the balance, durability, and support as per the style and feet type. For tiny holds and smearing, you can choose the stickiest climbing shoes, but they tend to wear faster out.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above guide to choosing the best climbing shoe will help you in grabbing the right shoe based on your feet type and other specifications.

Have you tried out looking for all the above characteristics while picking a climbing shoe? If no, do not forget to check out these features in your climbing shoes next time.

Any ideas, thoughts, and queries on the climbing shoes are welcome.