Top 10 BEST Wedding Shoes for Women


Wedding shoes are specially made and designed for the brides and it is available in a variety of colors, so you have a lot of choices. The choices of bridal shoes are very important for any wedding and it is the most crucial part of any outfit. Wearing long dresses have long trains and cover your feet, but the shoe must match the gown perfectly. Otherwise, it may look very odd, and spoils your mood to dance or play during the big occasion.

Most of the brides will love to choose a white color to match the color of the wedding dress. When picking the shoes there are a number of features to consider like the style, color, design, padding etc. it is one of the best moments of your life so you definitely need to choose the fittest and comfortable shoes to your feet.

The footbed must have a gel-cushioning feature to make you great comfort on the big day, with a gel insole you can stand for a long time without discomfort. Choose the shoe that is constructed with leather because it gives an amazing lining and makes you feel more natural when you wear it.

Looking for the best wedding shoe?

Here are a few comfortable shoes for you.

SheSole Women’s Wedding Shoes Low Heel

SheSole Women's Wedding Shoes

It is the greatly elevated footwear which looks best along with the bridal gowns that leave long trails that is higher and better. The SheSole wedding shoes are designed with synthetic material and it is highly padded and constructed of a soft, micro-suede. The straps on this shoe offer a unique, flowing design so it can look great with a full-length dress, shorter styles or slacks on the big day.

The insole is lightly padded and the heel is not so high as to put a lot of pressure on your forefoot and midfoot. So you can feel comfortable in this shoe for the whole day and will have the enthusiasm to dance at the reception.

There are adjustable straps which ensure a good fit at the ankle and make you comfortable. It is moderately high, because of its cute heel and a rolling strap style which will make a great décor for your wedding ceremony. It is the very affordable shoe to give completeness for your wedding look.

Nine West Liesa Wedding shoe

Nine West Liesa Wedding shoe

It is an ivory colored kitten heels with leather straps to provide full coverage and also keeps your feet without taking away on the bit of elegance. It is a simply designed shoe which is suitable for outfits and events after the wedding, so you can dance, work or play and get a lot of wear from this shoe. This is a cute little kitten heel which is designed with a delicate ankle strap and an open toe design.

The upper part is constructed with leather material to give a fashionable and trendy look to the wedding. It has an adjustable strap and a closed heel for cup fit so you can feel easy to walk, stand and dance on the floor.

It has a wide range of shoes for any occasion and making them a perfect pick for brides or for a bride who would like to splurge a little. If you need a splash of gold sequins on your footwear then this is the perfect gold wedges.

Blue by Betsey Johnson Women’s Bridal Shoes

Blue by Betsey Johnson Women shoe

It is one of the stunning wedding shoes for the brides and looks very hot. The Betsey Johnson shoe has a four-inch heel and it is the popular wedding shoe in the market now. The cute little bow tie on the front gives an extra pretty look to your wedding and also makes the entire shoe stay on a nice, tight stability for the easy walk. If you are waiting to steer away from the heels then this will be the right choice for your interest, because they are sparkly, high-heeled to offer a perfect fit.

Each pair comes with a unique design which is ideal for a wedding gift, daily use and for storage. The ankles are high strappy which make your legs look longer and slimmer and it is the perfect heel for all-day comfort.

Glitter adds an extra décor to the shoe and it is very cheaper when compared to other wedding shoes. Betsey by blue has designed an elegant shoe with a comfortable heel and to make the bride staring as they walk down the aisle.

Badgley Mischka Kiara Wedding shoe

Badgley Mischka Kiara Wedding shoe

It is one of the comfortable wedding shoes for the bride to walk, dance and stand for the whole day. This is designed with a 4.5-inch heel and features a peep-toe with a signature rhinestone cluster; it also has a leather sole and a textile upper. The peep-to-toe platform pump features a dramatic cluster of sparkling rhinestones at the heel counter to add an extra décor.

The rhinestones are beautifully arranged and it won’t get loose because it is made professionally by the company. Every bride loves to wear the shoe with a lot of glitters and to add sparkle to these low-toe pointed heels and leave no stone unturned. These are elevated and give a better grip to the foot and do not hurt when you wear for a long time.

It is the beautiful pair of wedges for those who love to have high heels. The ankle strap adds more comfort and the heavily modeled rear takes care of aesthetic within the shoe. It is possible to wear for hours, without getting uncomfortable due to its leather padded footbed. 

Anne Klein Fabulist Bridal Shoes

Anne Klein Fabulist Bridal Shoes

It is a pair of white shoes which gives a modern and trendy look to your wedding. This shoe is super comfortable with a lower heel so you can easily walk, dance or play during the wedding. The footbed in this fabulist features a gel technology to give a great comfort for the big day. It is also available in five different colors and most of the brides love to have the blue and gold version for the little flash of color to suit your wedding shoe and dress.

The insoles are padded with a gel cushioning material so you will not feel soreness and you can be assured of hours of wear without discomfort. It is the flexible shoe and will allow executing a lot of moves at the wedding dance event, so it is beautiful, comfortable and dance-worthy.

There are adjustable straps to make you feel comfortable and has a good synthetic sole for better traction. The gel footbed is the main benefit of this shoe because it can make the bride be stress-free at the time of an event.

Steve Madden Slithur Comfortable Wedding shoe

Steve Madden Slithur Comfortable shoe

The Steve Madden Slithur wedding shoes are the great choice for most of the wedding outfits. It is constructed with a high-quality leather material so it looks modern, youthful, fun and stylish. The adjustable leather straps make you more comfortable and strong at the time of dance at your wedding. The synthetic sole adds an extra décor and looks at the front of your sandal.

The leather is the suitable materials which give a lot of comfort and breathability against the skin and it is enough to make into straps that won’t give up during the wedding ceremony.

You must choose the shoe to match your wedding style and outfit or get another pair of color choice to give your bridesmaids height and open, edgy style. This elevated footwear gives an aesthetic look for the bride so that they can feel happy and relaxed. It is a unique bridal shoe that will also be wearable on other formal or less formal occasions.

Chinese Laundry Teaser Women Wedding Shoes

Chinese Laundry Teaser wedding shoes

These shoes have a light and strappy style which suits most of the wedding dress or wedding suits. The Chinese Laundry teaser is available in higher heels up to 6-inch height and also affordable for the bride to wear. They are considerably stylish and have caught on to the bridal shelves too. There are low wedges with a satin bow and other improvements on the exterior part of the shoe.

It goes well with your off-white dress or other pastel undertones and will look particularly great with a slightly longer or different dress. These are comfortable, easy on your feet and look beautiful for your wedding.

This shoe is available in flashy silver color, black or a tan color and comes with a 2-inch platform and a heel is 5.75-inches high. It is great if you want to fill the size gap in wedding photos. This shoe is better for warm weather weddings where it can be light and breezy and adds a modern look.

Kate Spade New York Women’s IZZIE dress Sandal

Kate Spade New York women shoes

It is made with a crisp color, graphic prints and a playful sophistication which includes bows and sparkles. If you are looking for a little heel shoe then Kate spade should be at the top of your designer bridal shoe list. The upper and sole on this shoe are both leather which are durable as well as breathable for your feet. It offers a gorgeous range of elegant shoes with a feminine flair, especially when they include their signature. It also features patent leather, soft neutral tones, and strappy sandals so most of the brides love this unique model.

This shoe will last for a long time so you can wear it for other formal or semi-formal events or anywhere you need a little rhinestone. It is classically designed to give more comfort and fun to the bride.

It is an amazing, classic model update heel that will make you feel good and look absolutely stunning on your wedding day. The shoe is highly durable and can be useful for many other events and occasions, it also becomes the favorite dressy wardrobe for the wedding.

Vince Camuto Stellima Heel for Wedding

Vince Camuto Stellima Heel

It is the great choice for a wedding ceremony, and also available in the variety of colors. Most of them prefer to have the white with silver accents on the vamp and closure for the brides. It gives a beautiful look on the big day, but be sure that the heel matches your wedding gown. There are plenty of flexible insoles crafted within the shoe to give a better comfort when you dance, stand or play.

It makes you good for the whole day so you can enjoy happily as you wish. A flexible sole also prevents the foot from irritation, soreness and allows moving naturally without any pain. It gives a strong and durable grip to the feet and avoids the slippery feel.

A padded footbed can for a long way to making your experience more comfortable. High heels put a lot of strain on the forefoot and midfoot but a padded insole cushion the heel by distributing the pressure evenly on both feet. 

Jimmy Choo Romy Wedding Shoe

Jimmy Choo Romy Shoe

It is beautifully designed with a lot of colorful patterns and heels. The Jimmy Choo Romy wedding shoes are built with high-quality materials and it has a 3.5-inch heel at the bottom. The high-quality construction of the shoe makes it durable for a long time. There are the variety of colors like white, silver, gold and looks shimmer and sparkler to compliment your wedding attractively.

The leather material gives a fantastic lining because it is very natural and will never irritate your foot and cause soreness. The footbeds are highly cushioned to give a soft and smooth touch.When you wear the shoe, this shoe can fit a lot of events and occasions even after the wedding. This is moderately high and has a kitten cute heel which is a great addition to your wedding day.

It is lightly padded and constructed of a soft, micro-suede material; the insoles are perfectly gel-cushioned to prevent the strain on your forefoot and midfoot. The cute heels come with a padded insole for your comfort so it is versatile, comfortable and simply styled. They add the right amount of sparkle to the beautiful shoe and make it possible to wear for hours.

Wrapping Up!

Shoes are an essential part of the whole wedding theme. It is a great task for you to choose the perfect wedding shoe for an outfit to wear for the entire day. Pick the shoe that matches your attire well and it should not affect your personal style!


  1. Blue by Betsey Johnson Women’s Bridal Shoes is my wedding shoe. But it was a great task for me to pick the right one. At that moment your article helped me a lot. After going through your article I had chosen the perfect wedding shoe to wear for the entire day. Wearing this shoe gave me more comfortable at my wedding. Try this and enjoy the great feel.