Top 10 Best shoes for lumbar stenosis

shoes for lumbar stenosis

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We have tested over 150+ shoes for lumbar stenosis and took the top 10 best shoes for you. We have considered overall breathable, portable, traction, comfort, color option, durable, best support, lightweight, stability as well as the performance of each shoe. These shoes are the most important thing for you need for enjoying the sport throughout the day, choosing the right shoe for back pain is essential.

Best Overall shoes for lumbar stenosis

(Best Shoes Rated #1 Choice)

  • 100% Polyester
  • Breathability
  • Great Support
  • Lightweight

Table: Top 10 Best Shoes for Lumbar Stenosis

What should consider when buying a best shoes?

Shoes, in general, are used to protect your legs, but today it has also become something ornamental. Wearing a shoe with high standard and quality is very much required for a person who moves with an elite crowd. Of course, external outfits are crucial in maintaining the social status but it is also equally important to maintain your health as well.

No one likes to incur health issues like planar fasciitis, bunions etc just by wearing shoes. Do you? You should never compromise your health with any other aspect in the world. Remember, only if you stay healthy you can pose your social status in an elite gathering. Wearing the wrong type of shoes would incur a lot of problems of which lumbar stenosis is an important matter of concern because it is also deemed to be a state of disability by the government.

Now, what is Lumbar stenosis? To understand we should know something about the spinal cord and the nerves. Hope you are familiar about nerves and I don’t have to explain that part. So, we directly dive into the nervous system which is broadly classified into two type’s namely central nervous systems and the peripheral nervous system.

The central nervous system comprises the nerves in the brain and the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous systems deal with the nerves in other parts of the body. We need to focus only on the central nervous system to know about more about lumbar stenosis. You know that nerves are responsible for the feel of touch, sense, hear, pain and many other reflexes. These nerves originate from the brain and descend down through the central canal of the spine.

These nerves come out through the small gap in between the vertebrae and move to various other parts of the body. Over time, these vertebrae get stuffed and packed which narrows the nerves and reduces the reflex from the lower limbs. Due to this discrepancy, the person incurs a lot of pain and fragility in the legs as the nerves in the leg do not work properly. It is also characterized by lumbar weakness, numbness, pain in the back etc. How does this lumbar stenosis occur?

The most dominant reason for the occurrence of lumbar stenosis is due to the aging process. Aged persons have a lot of these issues due to their weak bones, fragile joints, and ligaments, poor blood flow. Apart from elders, there are also a good amount of possibilities for a young person to develop this health issue. Most of the times, it is due to the wrong suggestion of shoes which folks pick on the basis of beauty and embellishment. Here are some tips which could help you while you pick a new pair of shoes.


The heels of the shoes which you suggest should comply with the purpose of your buy. If you buy a shoe for walking, then you should find one which has elevated heels and when it comes to running you have picked the shoes with different heels. Only if the shoe fulfills those basic features you can go for colors and other embellishments.


Abnormal walking posture can be a simple explanation for the word pronation. There are also shoes for overpronated and under pronated feet which should be carefully chosen as per your unique pronation.


Not legs of all persons have the same type of arch in their leg. Some have flat whereas some other has neutral or high arches. Wrong suggestion can also abstain from your normal performance but also it can create health issues like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, hammertoes etc.


Comfort is the real factor which any person would incline towards while fetching a new shoe. Eliminating the impact of the ground while walking or running on the ground is very important to keep your feet free from swells, pains, inflammations etc.


No one would go for a shoe which does not have enough space in between the feet and the shoe. A tight shoe holds your leg in its place and also it does not allow you to make even a small adjustment to your feet. Prolonged usage of such shoes can bend your toe fingers and also hurt your heels badly. So, before deciding your purchase it is always good to check the availability of space inside the shoe to accommodate your foot.


Although this aspect sounds to be trivial, it is an important factor to keep your feet free from sweat. In other words, in order to keep your feet free from bacterial replication and bad odor, breathability is a mandatory option to be possessed.


I don’t like to carry shoes made of iron or wood. Do you? Go ahead if you want to. Just because you are strong enough to carry heavy shoes with your feet for some minutes, that does not mean you can use them like a regular shoe. Those heavy beasts clipped to your leg would definitely reduce your stamina and also cause leg and hip pain. So, I recommend you to stay away from heavy shoes while you enter a store to get a new one. Instead, prefer shoes with lightweight.

Listed below are some valuable shoes which show intense care to your feet by preventing health issues. Have a glance at them to gather more knowledge.

10 Best shoes for lumbar stenosis 2019

1. Vionic Orthaheel Women’s Walking Shoe

Vionic Orthaheel Women’s Walking Shoe is a fantastic product which poses a lot of optimistic features which suits all the women. It has been tailored with a full grain outfit which gives a mild tan finish to the material. Vionic Orthaheel Women’s Walking Shoe has a meshed upper region is made up of 100% polyester which helps in getting a good amount of air in order to provide breathability.


The heel region is made up of firm thermoplastic material which provides additional support and stability to the feet. The top cloth is made up of antibacterial clothing which keeps away the cultivation of bacteria thereby preventing the bad odor fuming inside the shoe. In a walking shoe, the heels need to be slightly elevated in order to snuggle your foot into the shoe easy. On that account, the Vionic Orthaheel Women’s Walking Shoe is elevated by 0.5 inches to provide ample contentment for the user.

The upper leathers which form the body of the shoes are made up of water-resistant leather which a generous grant to the user by the organization. Further, the outer sole in this exclusive is made of rubber material to provide a good cushion experience to the user which keeps health issues like bunions, lumbar stenosis away from the user. It is also having very lightweight when compared to any other contemporary shoes and so it can even be used by women who have health issues.

2. Orthofeet Pain Relief Coral Sneaker

Orthofeet Pain Relief Coral Sneaker is an exceptionally featured sneaker which has many attractive and innovative features. The outer sole is made up of thick rubberized material which provides good protection to the feet and adds a good amount of stability. There are also air pockets which lie deep beneath the heels which provide adequate uplift to your feet while you walk.


The body of the shoe is made up of polyester meshed fabric which provides adequate breathability to the shoe. Therefore, the chances of getting a bad odor in your shoes are very less. The insole used in the Orthofeet Pain Relief Coral Sneaker is very flexible and comfortable which has an anatomical arch to support the feet, knees and the back of the user.

Therefore, folks who use this shoe are highly immune to health issues relating to knees, joints, ligaments, hips etc.  The soft seam interior lining eliminates the pressure points inside the shoe and so this shoe does not chafe against your feet creating abrasions and infections. The orthotic sole which lies exactly below the arch of the leg functions like a cushion to the feet and also it is used to get rid of pain and swellings caused by variation in arches.

3. Orthofeet Sprint Comfortable Sneakers

Orthofeet Sprint Comfortable Sneakers is an authentic product which allows men suffering from orthopedic issues to have a sigh of relief. The orthotic insoles used in the Orthofeet Sprint Comfortable Sneakers are the significance of this product. The strength of the insoles of these sneakers is incomparable which provides solutions to various problems. Apart from strength, it is also soft to use.


The heels are reinforced with the soft air pockets so that the shoes are flexible without any constraint. Also, the front region has a specialized cushion to comfort the toes from heavy impacts. Further, the top layer of the innersole is completely made up of antibacterial fabric which prevents the emanation of bad odor from inside the shoe.

The body of this sneaker is made up of breathable mesh which allows ample air to flow in and outside the shoe thereby wicking away the moisture inside the shoe. Normally, if the lace of a shoe unities every now and then, it shall be a great annoyance to the user. In order to overcome this issue, the Orthofeet Sprint Comfortable Sneakers is reinforced with the Velcro fixtures which keeps the lace in its position without dangling to and forth.

4. Avery Island Mens Walking Shoes

Avery Island Mens Walking Shoes is another piece of a branded shoe which stands high in the minds of customers by reducing the risk of lumbar stenosis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritic feet, knee pain and still more. The multilayered reinforcement of the soles is the significant feature of this walking shoe. It helps to keep your toes in position inside the shoe thereby reducing the possibility of aggravating improper foot structure.


The bottom-most layer is a rubber sole which provides rigidity and stability to the foot and so folks don’t get skid even when they walk on a slippery ground. The buttons at the bottom of the shoes are strong and embossed in order to provide good traction to the shoe. It is these layers in between the midsole and the outer sole help to provides additional comfort and structure to the shoe.

Such layers are very useful in handling different pronations and foot with different arches. The formal outlook of the Avery Island Men’s Walking Shoes makes it worthwhile and formal and hence it is highly suitable for ergonomic situations. The lightweight feature of this spectacular product is another aspect which attracts more people to purchase it.

5. Monterey Bay Men’s Sneakers

Monterey Bay Men’s Sneakers is an astonished product which is known for its handsome outlook. The white color body makes it suitable to be worn for any kind of outfit. Apart from that, the Monterey Bay Men’s Sneakers have enough room inside the sneakers such that you can wiggle your toe fingers which are really a worthwhile feel of relaxation. The bottom part of this sneaker is sculpted with buttons in order to maintain a perfect grip with the ground.


Normal shoes also provide stress on the foot at various points which is a major issue in many commercial shoes. But, that problem is not sensed in the Monterey Bay Men’s Sneakers as they are engineered to alleviate stress on the foot. The synthetic leather which bolsters several regions on the shoes adds muscles to the sneakers without any flaw which proves the craftsmanship done on the product.

There are a number of stiffened shoes which cause pain, numbness and sometimes swellings and inflammations. These are due to the improper distributions of the weight of your body. Make sure that you purchase a product which does not concentrate the weight of your body at one particular point of your toe. Instead, fetch some other product which distributes the weight evenly on the soles. Since the soles used in the Monterey Bay Men’s Sneakers are multilayered they also tend to provide ample support to all users with various pronations and arches.

6. Scurtain Women’s Slip-On Mesh Walking Shoes

Scurtain Women’s Slip-On Mesh Walking Shoes is a dexterously modeled walking shoe which boasts numerous features. Unlike any other contemporary shoe, Scurtain Women’s Slip-On Mesh Walking Shoes looks different and elevated. This is because of the polyurethane construction of the heels. The PU foam which is used in the heels grants enough sturdiness and rigidity to the shoe and also they keep the foot of the user high above the ground at a range of 1.96 inches high.


The entire depth of this heel is made up of strong PU foam which contains air cushions beneath the heel. Further, the Scurtain Women’s Slip-On Mesh Walking Shoes is made of high-quality mesh cloth which guarantees the lightness of the shoe. In other words, the weight of the mesh walking shoes is comparatively less than compared to any other shoe available in the market.

So, you can very well play run, jump and hike with this outstanding product without any constraint. The slip-on design in these shoes keeps you away from squatting down on the floor to tie the lace of the shoes. Since this shoe is reinforced with adequate elasticity, Scurtain Women’s Slip-On Mesh Walking Shoes don’t slip away from your foot that easil

7. Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Athletic Shoes

Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Athletic Shoes is a perfect multipurpose which suits various activities like running, jumping, hiking, etc. The greenish grey looks of these outstanding shoes have earned a good name amidst various customers. The heels of the Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Athletic Shoes are very much elevated such that they prevent the user from subjected to plantar fasciitis.


Apart from that, the heels due to its height serve to be a stupendous cushion very much like a trampoline. Therefore, it shall be a clever solution for persons who suffer from lumbar stenosis and many other foot issues. The top layer of the Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Athletic Shoes has meshed such that cool air from the atmosphere can easily sneak into the shoes via the fabric.

They also serve as a medium for the transfer of sweat from the inner region of the shoe to the exterior thereby preventing the emanation of bad odor inside the shoes. The soles used in this shoe can be easily removed after they worn out and also it allows users to slip in new soles. Therefore, it can be very well used by orthopedic patients just by replacing the normal sole with a new orthotic sole.

8. G-Defy Mighty Walk Shoes

G-Defy Mighty Walk Shoes is enticing footwear which is known for its outfit and structure. True to the name, G-Defy Mighty Walk Shoes have a high elevation which keeps the user in a higher position thereby reducing the risk of arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions etc. The sturdy heals also act as a cushion bed which keeps the foot caring and soft. Even if the user encounters huge stones the cushions prevent the foot from absorbing the impact with the help of its elevated cushion.


The G-Defy Mighty Walk Shoes has enough room inside the shoes and therefore folks can have enough room to wiggle and move their toe fingers just to prevent numbness in the feet. Suppose the user is an orthopedic or a diabetic patient then they might need to change the soles as per their need. The soles which are used in these shoes can also be removed as per the requirement of the user.

The entire body is made up of synthetic and fabric which provides an adequate amount of breathability to the shoe. The inner lining of the G-Defy Mighty Walk Shoes is made up of a seamless fabric which helps the shoe to interact with the foot softly and also it prevents the rubbing of the shoes against the skin causing infections and abrasions.

9. Orthofeet 481 Therapeutic Extra Depth Boot

Orthofeet 481 Therapeutic Extra Depth Boot is an ergonomically designed therapeutic boot which is very much suitable for people who have health issues with their feet. The boot has a number of supportive padding all over its body which keeps the foot soft and caring. The body of this alluring product is made of synthetic leather which provides a glowing look to the boot.


The soles of this Orthofeet 481 Therapeutic Extra Depth Boot are orthotic designed such that they can extensively be used by folks with a lot of foot issues. They have air pockets below the heel to keep them undisturbed even after the heavy impact caused by the ground on the heel of the user.

Especially, issues like lumbar stenosis can be prevented by prolonged use of this product. Antimicrobial foam is used on the sole in order to keep the bacteria from replicating inside the shoe. Therefore bad odor can also be eliminated. The outer sole is rigid and strong to provide rigidity to the product. In addition to that, fitting spacers are placed in between the outer sole and the orthotic inner sole in order to offer superior comfort to the feet.

10. Therafit Fashion Athletic Shoes

Therafit Fashion Athletic Shoes is a stylish brand of footwear which has a superior comfort and astonishing outlook. True to the name, Therafit Fashion Athletic Shoes fits perfectly to your foot without any extra space which causes discontent.


At the same time, the padded linings ensure a comfortable design and fit the foot of the user. The Therafit Fashion Athletic Shoes is made up of 7 different comforting layers thereby providing an exclusive and stupendous support to the foot. The midsoles are fabricated in such a way they are shock absorbing such that they reduce the impact of the ground on the foot. The Therafit Fashion Athletic Shoes can also support folks who have different pronations like flat, neutral and high arches.

If your inner sole is not compatible to your feet you can very well customize it as per your requirement. Moreover, the heel cups which are kept beneath the heels are deep enough to hold your foot. This ensures the stability that the Therafit Fashion Athletic Shoes can provide to the user. The rubber sole at the bottom has a good number of buttons which can help the user to have good friction with the ground.


  1. As I am an athlete I used to have pain in my toes and legs after practicing. So I was looking for the best pain relief shoes. Your article helped me a lot in picking up the standard one for me. Now I have chosen Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Athletic Shoes. Your research on shoes was really great! Thank You for this best article Mr. Josh.