The 10 Best Climbing Shoes for Women | Guide & Review


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We have tested over 50 women’s specific climbing shoes and took the top 10 best women’s climbing shoes for you. We have considered overall comfort, as well as the performance of each shoe. Shoes are the most important thing you need for climbing cases, choosing the right shoes is essential, the shoes differ for both men and women.

Women Climbing Shoes – The two best deals in 2019!

Selecting the right climbing shoe can be tough as there are a lot of models and manufacturers available in the market.

Premium Pick - Five Ten

This is the best women’s climbing shoe that features passive rubber and offers a classic performance to ensure convenience. Being used by thousands of climbers, this is one of the best climbing shoes available in the market.

Budget Pick - Evolv

This is one of the best budget models for beginners so if you need an inexpensive shoe you can pick this product. The cost is affordable but the performance is very high because it is made of high-quality durable materials.

Best Climbing Shoes Review

Picking the best climbing shoes for women is essential so that you can pass any hassles and difficult circumstances more easily

Best Climbing Shoes Review

                                                            A Complete Review on Best Climbing Shoes

What factors differs from a men’s climbing shoe

There are few significant differences when comparing both men and women climbing shoes, they are

  • Lower instep
  • Longer Toe Box
  • Narrower Heel
  • Slightly Higher Arches

Different types of women climbing shoes

There are three different types of climbing shoes women can choose namely

  • Neutral Climbing Shoes
  • Moderate Climbing Shoes
  • Aggressive Climbing Shoes

» The first type of shoes are developed to have more relaxed feet as they come with a looser fit and features a thicker sole for comfort and grip, the flat profile makes the feet to walk into the cracks. They are considered to be the beginner shoes and best for indoor lead climbing or top rope climbing.

» The second kind of shoes has a downward angle so that climbing is made more accessible and best for the long multi-pitch climbs or slab routes. They are designed with sticker rubber and thinner for improving the sensitivity.

» The third type of shoes is designed with substantial heel tension and angled toes for providing maximum power and greater maneuverability. They are considered to be the most effective one for steep terrain or bouldering.

Table: 10 Best Women Climbing Shoes of 2019

Best Climbing Shoes for Women - Top 10 Best Women Climbing Shoes Reviewed

1-Anasazi Women’s Climbing Shoe from Five Ten

There is no wonder the number one developer of sports products ranking first place in our best picks of climbing shoe for women, the product has come with all advanced features so that it stands top in the other shoes out there in the market.

Highly Durable:

The manufacturer has developed the shoe in attractive teal color, and the high-grade synthetic material ensures durability, the product is designed in the USA and then imported. The rubber sole is made specially to provide the comfort level for the player or the person while climbing a rock or during any other adventures.

Slip Resistant:

The Velcro brand strap enables you to hold you tight from slipping; the upper shoe is designed with high-grade cowdura so that your shoe last for a long time.

The shoes are best to wear during bike racing, rock climbing, wingsuit flying, kayaking and much more. 

Made out of high-quality materials:

The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the product; the manufacturer offers one year warranty so that you can get the product without any hesitation, measures about 1.25 pounds and comes with the dimension of 13 x 7 x 4 inches.


»  High-grade synthetic material
» Tight from slipping
» Designed with high-grade cowdura
» Measures about 1.25 pounds


» Narrow opening

2-Shaman LV Women’s Climbing Shoe from Evolv

The second pick in the best climbing shoe for women is for the famous and leading versatile manufacturer Evolv, who develops high-quality products for their customers at a reasonable rate. It is the best shoe with an aggressive shape because inside a shoe you will find a soft padded tongue and gives a secure fit.

Made of Synthetic Material:

This product has many advanced features so that most of the customers love to go with the product, especially for the sports-related activities. One of the best slab climbing shoes is the Shaman climbing shoe from Evolv.

The high-grade quality synthetic material used in the shoe ensures for the longevity, the product is made in the USA and then imported for the extended use, the high-quality rubber sole provides the support and comfort to your feet.


The forefoot includes microfiber lining that is designed for the durability and comfort, the midsole is created with love bumps, and they provide the power position to your forefoot, the knuckle box gives you more space for your knuckle, and there are opposing straps included for the right fit.


The price of the product is high but worth the money invested; the manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty so that you can get the product without any hesitation. Measures about 1.71 pounds in weight and come with the dimension of 14 x 6 x 4 inches.


»  Aggressive shape
» Microfiber lining
» Durability & comfort
» Synthetic material


» Sensitive rubber lacks

3-Women Climbing Shoes Lotus from Mad Rock

One of the high-end versatile manufacturers who has developed a number of successful products for their customer Mad Rock has captured third place in our best picks of women’s climbing shoe; the product has come up with multiple advanced features to showcase them top among other competitor products.

Made out of leather:

The high-grade quality synthetic material used in the shoes ensures the durability of the climbing shoes; the shoes have been designed uniquely for the women with necessary features like lower insteps, narrow heels and much more.

Split Tongue Design:

The unique feature of the climbing shoe is its closure system which has been designed with split tongue design which is one of the cooling characteristics involved in the climbing shoe.

Exact fit:

It’s simple to tackle any overhanging terrain or comps with this super climbing shoes quickly, and the rubber sole provides the right fit by enhancing the performance. If you need a best & well-designed indoor climbing shoe it is good to choose this shoe.


The price of the product is affordable and therefore falls within your budget, the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty for the product so that you can get it without any hesitation. Measures about 1.97 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 13 x 6 x 4 inches.


»  Split tongue design
» Measures about 1.97 pounds
» Rubber sole
» Multiple advanced features


» Quality issue

4-Tarantulace Climbing Shoe for Women from La Sportiva

One of the high-end versatile developers for sports-related, indoor and outdoor products, La Sportiva has designed the product with functional characteristics and this product ranks fourth in our best picks of climbing shoes for women. it is one of the best intermediate climbing shoes for women.

Made out of Synthetic sole:

The high-quality material leather used in the various parts of the shoes makes them works for the long period, the lacing harness can be quickly pulled, and therefore your boots fit your feet perfectly without any lapse.

This is one of the great lace-up shoes why because the padded heel offers a tight fit for women’s narrower heels.

Highly Durable:

The rubber sole which is developed to be durable provides the support, grip, and comfort, the moisture management is promised with the help of the lined tongue design. Perfect all around loop and hook closure shoe which is excellent for the entry level climbers.

Low Price:

The price of the product is affordable, the manufacturer provides one year warranty so that you can get the product without any hesitation, measures about 12 ounces in weight and comes with the dimension of 14 x 6 x 5 inches


»  Support, grip, and comfort
» Great lace-up
» Super Comfy
» Great fit


» Durable issue

5-Endeavor Climbing Shoe with Tight Fit from Butora

The last place in our best picks of climbing shoes for women is for the reliable manufacturer of sports-related products Butora; this product has included many different advanced features in standing top among other competitors.


The organic hemp fabric which delivers excellent results helps to eliminate the odor from your feet and also helps in easy stretching; the high-grade quality material used in the product ensures the durability of the shoes.

The leather footbed can comfortably fit your toes, and also the 3D injection model offers various thickness and midsole for the precision edging.

Available in multiple colors:

Developed in multiple colors and comes with a different size so that you can choose the one as you prefer, the product includes the entire necessary feature that women climbing shoe need to cover.

Cost and Value:

The price of the product is less when compared to other climbing shoes out there, the manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty, and therefore you can get the product without any hesitation. Measures about 1.9 Climbing Shoes for Women Buying Guide.


»  Leather footbed
» Multiple color option
» Measures about 1.9
» High-grade quality


» None

6-SCARPA Women’s Helix Climbing Shoe

If you need a beginner-intermediate shoe then Scarpa Women’s Helix shoe will be the perfect choice for you. It is designed with a padded tongue to wear the shoes for a long time. It comes with a flat profile along with a symmetrical shape to make you incredibly comfortable.


It has an ultra-grip that enhances the performance and durability of the shoe. The lacing system makes it easy to lace up and adjust its tightness. It also provides a good comfort that makes it great for gym or climbs. 

Rubber Midsole:

The stiff rubber midsole is great for gripping so the Scarpa helix shoe is very comfortable. It is a versatile shoe with features that are beneficial as you start spending longer periods. It has been designed with a performance for every style of climbing.


These types of shoes are best for all-day comfort which features a monochromatic styling and makes it appealing to the lady climbers. The unlined leather upper stretches to accommodate your feet.

It is ultimately made of lightweight materials that can keep your feet well-ventilated and breathing as you climb.


»  Ultra-grip performance
» Made of lightweight materials
» Stiff rubber midsole
» Best for all-day comfort


» Stretches over time

7-Evolv Elektra Women’s Climbing Shoe

This model is specifically designed for women which comes with a flat profile to offer the same level of comfort while allowing you to learn how to climb. It is a great choice for women who wish to learn rock climbing.

Better fit:

This climbing shoe has a stretch resistant upper that is redesigned for a better fit. Its sole is too soft, and the shoe appears to conform and mold to both foot and wall. The flexibility makes them sensitive and amazing in performance. It becomes tight and the curved toe keeps you rigid even on the sharpest walls.

Arch support:

The arch is slight with minimal downturn the outsole is made of rubber and the lining is made from synthetic microfiber material. The rubber outsole is sticky and durable whereas synthetic upper is secure. It has an eco-TRAX rubber which is not only used for comfort but also it is environment-friendly.

Cost and value:

This is one of the best budget models for beginners if you need an inexpensive and comfortable shoe then this will be the right choice. They are very cheap with leather upper and a flat shape. It is a great value for its cost and lets you really push on the edges when you are climbing for the first time.


»  Rubber outsole is sticky
» Cheap with leather upper
» Sole is too soft
» Great Comfy


» Very specific

8-La Sportiva Oxygym Climbing Shoe

The design of this shoe looks very attractive and appealing. It also comes in a variety of colors that would match any climbing or workout fit. It is made of synthetic material and has a breathable fabric to allow moisture wicking.

Cushioned soles:

You can use this shoe for long periods because of its cushioned soles; the material is made of breathable fabric to keep your feet ventilated and comfortable. It is great for beginners as they keep their feet at ease no matter how hard the trek.

Snug fit:

With a soft tongue, you can enjoy a snug fit which helps you to make more comfortable. It can mold your foot because the sole is very soft not a stiff one. The inner layer of the tongue is made of memory foam and the top layer of the shoe is designed with breathability. 


The fabric is made from 100% hemp to minimize the odor and resist stretching over time. This shoe is ideal for climbers who are looking for a versatile, all-around shoe. The outsole is extremely sticky it also comes with dually adjustable strap closure for a secure fit.


»  Breathable fabric
» Comfortable
» Adjustable strap
» Outsole is extremely sticky


» Unique toe shape

9-Evolv Nikita Women’s Climbing Shoe

It is one of the great choices for all types of rope climbers which range from plastic pullers to multi-pitch. It is designed with good arch support that offers power and comfort. The full-length midsole offers medium stiffness and edgy performance and there is a high-friction rubber for optimal traction and grip.

Padded heel:

The padded heel provides a tighter fit for women and the upper part is made of leather with a synthetic liner which allows limited stretching. It is ideal for experienced climbers who are looking for a moderately aggressive shoe.

Leather Upper:

This shoe offers a tight fit, as well as the stiff midsole; provide a good accuracy and support. So it can be ideal for either a beginner or an intermediate climber. The leather upper is specially designed to fit comfortably to your foot shape.

Slip Resistant:

The shoe is completely designed with a soft padded tongue and has a fleece inner that is moisture wicking so there is no slippage. The shoes are made from leather and it fits true to size. It looks sleeky but not bulky on the rock. 


»  Full-length midsole
» High-friction rubber for
» Edgy performance
» Padded heel


» Sensitive rubber lacks

10-Scarpa Women’s Reflex Climbing Shoe

This shoe offers a strong, durable and high-quality rubber sole and it is capable of providing excellent grip as well as stickiness. The upper features suede, leather to make you comfortable while climbing.

All-Around shoe:

It is one of the high-quality, all-around shoes that has an aggressive shape to make you convenient and reliable in all kind of situations. This downturned, stiff shoe is both sensitive and aggressive for toeing on steep walls.

Highly convenient:

For women who want to enjoy all day wear, this comfortable fit, stiffer midsole, and flatter shape allow you to fit into cracks comfortably. This shoe is perfect for long-term workouts on any type of rocky environment.

Allow sizing:

It requires a lot of steps to find the size that will fit you and remain comfortable enough for good climbing experience. The shoe is sensitive enough for steeps and stiff enough for edging. It gives a great performance and provides a good foot protection.



»  Excellent grip
» High-quality material
» Sensitive enough for steeps
» Convenient & reliable


» Little expensive

Final Verdict

Hope the above buying guide and best picks of women’s climbing shoe helped you in choosing the right shoe as per your preference.

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the women’s climbing shoes are welcome.

Have you used any of the above climbing shoes before? If so, share your experience with us through the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tight should climbing shoe fit?

When you climb there should be no dead space in your climbing shoe. It is more important to have a shoe that fits properly and that can conform to the shape of your foot. If the shoe is too tight then it may swell a bit with exertion and at higher altitudes.

Do you need climbing shoes for bouldering?

You definitely need climbing specific shoes so you may be able to climb very easy routes with regular shoes. Indoor boulder climbing is pretty safe and climbing shoes are quite expansive.

How to find the most comfortable climbing shoe?

The La Sportiva Mythos is a classic climbing shoe that has been on the market for years. The flat-soled lace-up is also one of the most comfortable climbing shoes you can find it is best for people with narrow to normal-width feet.

Do climbing shoes stretch?

You should have a clear idea before choosing a synthetic climbing shoe because even if leather shoes stretch synthetic shoes do not. Shoes that are tight can cause pain and damage to the foot but lose shoes can cause blisters.

What are climbing shoes made of?

Every climbing shoe is built around a hard plastic which determines the overall fit of the shoe. The mold determines the heel width, instep height, forefoot width, toe box, depth and shape, overall volume as well as the degree of asymmetry.